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What is Wander Guard Protection in an Assisted Living Care Community?

Date: Apr 01, 2011 03:59 PM
Posted By: Vickie Martina

People with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis may tend to wander related to confusion. A wander guard protection system is a device used to protect people when they are at risk for wandering.  A wander guard system installed in a building is wired with a rapid response radio frequency that sets off an alarm when residents who are wearing a corresponding bracelet, with a transmitter, attempt to exit the building without an escort. The alarm panel also displays the resident’s exit site which allows staff to immediately locate and redirect the resident back into a safe environment. Residents who are at risk for wandering are required to have a doctor’s order to wear the bracelet.  Residents who wear the bracelets are able to leave the facility in the company of family or other escorts using a bypass code that prevents the alarm from sounding.

Roam Alert is the system that the Courtyard uses to protect our residents who are at risk for wandering. This system provides security in the least restricted environment without a locked unit. Keeping our residents safe and secure with wander guard protection is a service we offer as part of the quality resident-centered care that we provide. The Courtyard of Loveland is one of the few assisted living care communities in Northern Colorado that offers a wander guard system.