605 California Avenue
Loveland, Colorado 80537

About The Courtyard of Loveland

Since our start in 1989, the Courtyard of Loveland has excelled at providing high standards of gracious assisted living

We pride ourselves on over twenty years of shared professional experience and knowledge and have established a tradition of gracious assisted living at the Courtyard of Loveland.

The Courtyard is owned and operated by three Loveland area professional women who share a concern for the quality of life for seniors - Kay vonMetzger RN, Donna Larson and Linda Vernon.  Having “first-hand” experience with the issues of frail elderly, they set out to provide a full complement of quality care and services for the elderly and disabled. They believe wholeheartedly in creating a wholesome, healthy environment through assisted living.


Kay vonMetzger RN, Donna Larson and Linda Vernon.

Each owner contributes expertise to the success of the Courtyard

Kay, an RN , owned a home care business for 14 years and a board and care home for about five years. She reviews and monitors the Courtyard’s health and medical policies to maintain the health of our Residents and to insure proper medical procedures.  Donna is a retired teacher, general contractor and farm manager.  She oversees the building operations and monitors the financial health of the Courtyard.  Linda owns Designs, a retail clothing store in Old Town Ft. Collins, and has been in home and commercial interior design for over 30 years. She creates the beautiful home-like atmosphere at the Courtyard of Loveland.

The Owners are often on site and participate in overall management to insure quality care, a safe and pleasant environment and above all, a home for the Residents.

They have all lived and operated independent businesses in the Loveland/Berthoud community for over 35 years. They have all been married for over 40 years and have grown children and now grandchildren. They are rooted in their community and have always actively supported the community in service activities as well as business.

The mission of the Courtyard of Loveland is to provide choices to the elderly about their daily living and nurture an atmosphere of dignity and well being for its residents. The Courtyard strives to improve their overall health and independence through oversight of their medical, social, nutritional and wellness activities.